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Jeongmoon Choi

3 Oct – 20 Oct 2013


Jeongmoon Choi is known for her arresting UV light and thread installations, in which visitors can roam within a darkened space, illuminated by a fluorescent matrix of patterns and form. Each of her unique works are specific to the architecture of a building, designed to encompass the expanse of physical space.

Choi was invited to transform the gallery with a new installation for KARST which will traverse its iconic concrete pillars and animate its industrial interior with space-age colour, geometric lines and a labyrinth of shapes. Viewers may initially be disoriented within the ethereal glow of black light. However, the suspended luminescent threads will captivate the eye, guiding participants through the interstellar environment. After displacement has passed, many will experience a calming influence from the work. This visual playground is expected to confound and enchant.

Although Choi’s sci-fi strings call to mind computerised wireframes, used to make video games or architectural designs, her works are not derived from virtual concepts and processes. Instead, the Berlin-based artist describes her installations as drawings in space; an inherently physical practice. Choi grew up in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea, where space, at a premium, has to be engineered in innovative ways. It is from this background and with her foundations in painting that the artist has learned to use line across a three-dimensional area, negotiating space like marks on a canvas. These internal mappings offer more than a straightforward visual experience however; naturally inducing unique social situations. Audience participation in her installation, which will for many involve exploration and meditation, is imperative to bringing the work to life.