Ritual Offerings poster
Ritual Offerings poster

Test Space: Ashanti Hare & Mitzi Dabrowski

Recorded Offerings

25 Feb 2023


Multidisciplinary artists and graduates Ashanti Hare (Arts University Plymouth) and Mitzi Dabrowski (Bath Spa University) present work they have developed during their residency at KARST in this open event.

Ashanti is a Devon-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice explores the duality of existing as both human being and spiritual entity. Combining digital manipulation, folk craftsmanship and writing, Hare often explores the boundaries between cultural identity and spiritual entity through sensory experiences that include tactility, scent and moving image. Through the use of traditional craft practices such as textiles and ceramics, Hare creates tapestries and sculpture that retell Caribbean and African folklore, spellwork and history while reflecting popular culture specific to Black Britishness.

Mitzi practice uses a multi-disciplinary approach to expand fleeting moments from live music gigs into tangible works, as well as using existing imagery within youth culture as inspiration. The intention behind Mitzi’s work is to explore the ephemeral nature of particular nights in music venues, to give these moments more attention and time to potentially dissect the energy and change in behaviour people experience. Her practice during her residency at KARST has had a new focus on the correlation between particle movement and human movement in mosh pits, while her continuation of exploring painting music venues, musician performances and spirituality act as records of events and lyric.

Their work will be on public view in the gallery on 25 February between 11am-5pm.