Test Space: Anna Boland – SPY-nul

19 - 20 May 2023


Building on her recent solo show at Studio KIND, Anna Boland presents a new configuration of “SPY – nul” at KARST. 

Anna is an interdisciplinary artist and KARST studio holder. Influenced by dystopian fiction, notions of invisible environments and worlds, and post-pandemic existence, her current work explores the potential of everyday air packaging to create sculptural works. 

Anna’s work at KARST focuses on the internal body with a specific focus on the vagus, one of the most important nerves in the human body, which communicates via unseen electrical impulses. The work explores the spine and muscle knots – pockets of trapped air that can compress the nerve and affect function. Anna combines large-scale sculptures with light to create an immersive environment exploring the internal world.

The private view will be on Friday 19 May (6pm – 8pm) and the exhibition will be on view on Saturday 20 May (11am-5pm).