Annie Shrosbree, work in progress, 2021.
Credit: Annie Shrosbree, work in progress, 2021.

Test Space: Annie Shrosbree

Bath Spa Residency event

25 & 26 Feb 2022


Multimedia artist, sculptor and Bath Spa graduate Annie Shrosbree presents work she has developed during her 2021 residency with KARST studios in this two-day open event.

Annie’s sculptural practice challenges classically accepted notions of ‘sophisticated art’ in it’s ‘silly’ and ‘child-like’ hand built aesthetic. Her residency at KARST has seen her inspiration become more language based, with a growing focus on memes and other popular forms of online communication as well as word-play and regional dialect. Annie will present a multitude of spatial, size and material juxtapositions at the end of her residency, allowing her collection of ‘jokes’ to hold the physical space in ways that are unavailable to their online equivalents.