Open call: British Art Show 9 artist crits

KARST and CAMP have organised a series of one-to-one crits with artists exhibiting in British Art Show 9 (BAS9) for Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall-based artists.

The artists will do five crits, each lasting 45 minutes. Crits will take place at KARST in the CAMP library between 09:30-14:30. It is recommended – but not essential – that you attend the relevant artist’s talk (linked below)

Crits with Abigail Reynolds will be on Friday 18 November 2022
Crits with Than Hussein Clark will be on Friday 25 November 2022
Crits with Mandy El Sayegh will be on Friday 2 December 2022
Crits with Hardeep Pandhal will be on Friday 9 December 2022

How to apply
Please apply with a summary of no more than 100 words about why you are interested in meeting with the artist and what you want to discuss. Please also provide a link to your work (e.g. website/instagram account) or portfolio (as a PDF attachment), and your contact details (email address and mobile number).

Applications in other formats: you can also send your application as a video or audio file, maximum length of 2 minutes. If choosing to submit a video file, we won’t be judging the production values of the video! If sending a link to where the video/audio is hosted (ie vimeo or youtube) rather than an attachment, please include any passwords needed to access this.

Please send your application to

Deadline for applying for a crit with Abigail Reynolds is 11nd Nov 2022 (10am)
Deadline for applying for a crit with Than Hussein Clark is 18nd Nov 2022 (10am)
Deadline for applying for a crit with Mandy El Sayegh is 25 Nov 2022 (10am)
Deadline for applying for a crit with Hardeep Pandhal is 2 Dec 2022 (10am)


Applications will be selected by KARST and CAMP in consultation with the artist.
Successful applicants will be notified one week in advance of the crit.