Ocean Moon Group: Lo Recordings X House of St Barnabas

Ocean Moon Group (OMG) is the most recent incarnation of a six-year collaboration between KARST studio artist Graham Guy-Robinson, musician and founder of Lo Recordings Jon Tye, and musician Jack Harman.

OMG combine sonic collage with live sound, light, tactile surface, image and objects. The resulting synaesthesia forms an eventful space, a temporary system of togetherness and a system of choice not control, where sonic and sculptural elements weave new orientations, directions, exits and entrances in space and time. Into this new geography meditating and moving bodies ebb and flow. This shared space is many things, an archipelago, individual islands and visible portals to (often invisible) worlds. Set adrift on sonic waves, the island cushions guide inhabitants on shared quests and inner travels.

The lozenge shaped cushions used in OMG performance are based on the’ holes’ cut out to make the familiar orange temporary fencing found on construction sites. This motif has been explored by Guy-Robinson over many years. Work from the Temporary Fence series has been exhibited internationally and nationally, including, Hatton Gallery Newcastle, Spitalfields Public Art Programme, Royal Academy London, Embassy Brazil London, Jerwood Sculpture Prize, Somos Gallery Berlin, Kiasma Finland, Royal Society Sculptors London.

OMG have performed at Jamboree (Dartington Hall), CTOWN (Cornwall), Maker Heights (Cornwall), White Hotel (Manchester) and House of St Barnabas (Soho, London).

In August 2021 the Ocean Moon Group performed alongside Coral Sea, Lauren Doss, JQ, and Private Agenda as part of Lo Recordings’ Spaciousness event at the House of St Barnabas in Soho, London. From 25-29 October, films documenting this event will be shared via Lo Recordings platforms – with Ocean Moon Group’s film released on Thursday 28 October.