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(theoretisch) endlos

Andrew Mealor / Cristian Andersen / David Renggli with Peles Empire

1 – 30 June 2018


A collaborative group exhibition by Peles Empire.

The show comprises three collaborative works: three single sculptures by Mealor, Andersen and Renggli are each paired and placed on one of three large carpets. Each carpet is digitally printed with a two-dimensional photograph of an existing three-dimensional sculpture by Peles Empire. This conversion to and fro between two and three dimensions could, by implication, be performed endlessly; the reproduction of artworks becomes at once a harmonic productive and performative alliance.

The works are made from an assortment of industrial and everyday elements, objects and forms. Materials like steel, clay, concrete, as well as the synthetic fibres of the carpets themselves, are set side by side. The objects range from bulky to wiry, their arrangements into pairs elegant and awkward; their surfaces are similarly varied, at times lacquered, glazed, printed or left raw. They are rough-edged and smooth, matt and glossy in a colour palette that is largely sober, apart from the odd playful hint of bright red or blue.

Blurring the distinction between artist, curator and collaborator, Peles Empire’s role in this exhibition is crucial, though also ambiguous. By inviting other artists to share the space of KARST gallery they physically merge their collaborative practice with the work of other individual artists. (theoretisch) endlos complicates the distinctions between artwork and group exhibition, weaving together the work of Mealor, Andersen and Renggli and highlighting their productive seepages and interconnections.