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Clare Strand / Sara Vanderbeek / United Visual Artists / Sookoon Ang / Anouk Kuithof / Sergei Sviatchenko / Patternity. Curated by Faye Dowling

24 Mar – 22 Apr 2017


META-MATTER presents seven international artists whose work explores new perspectives on our connectivity with the world around us.

Fusing art and science, physics and intuition, their work seeks to capture and articulate the untouchable forces which drive and shape our sensory experience of the earth and skies around us. Through their eyes we consider how the untouchable forces of light and colour impact on our intellectual and emotional awareness. We question our relationships with real and synthesised sensations of the energy and substances which drive our perception and connectivity. We meditate the hypnotic colours, patterns and textures which inspire and animate our phenomenal universe.

As the boundaries of our visual planes expand, their work offers new insight and reflection on the invisible currents of our brave new universe wherein technology and sensory experience challenge and explode our intellectual and unconscious landscape. Invoking the dynamic powers of colour and light, pattern and form, they invite us to step closer to touching the sublime and transcendental forces which shape and inspire our visual and psychological landscape.