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Light, observed

James Clarkson / Keith Coventry / Walker Evans / Patrick Goddard / Lom-Of-Lama / Lala Meredith-Vula / Richard Paul / Scarlett Platel / Albert Renger-Patzsch / John Stezaker / Nick Waplington / Christopher Williams / Richard Wentworth / Dustin Ericksen / Finissage / Relief Press. Organised by Damian Griffiths

28 June - 17 Aug 2019


Plurality should be seen as a virtue but in general it garners mistrust. The photograph hitches a ride on the real but we have lived too long to believe it. The photograph is seen to yield. Almost from its inception photography has needed industrialisation for it to function and when magic is man made the agenda of its owner is always at play.

Of course this is old news. As conversations about photography they are exhausted because they are now inscribed in all photographs. When practised at its best photography is contorted by this anxiety.