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I Am My Own Primal Parent

Narcissister / Tommy Lanigan Schmidt / Greem Jellyfish / Melanie Bonajo / Rebecca Goyette / Faith Holland / Adehla Lee / Chris Carr / Sol Sax / Go! Push Pops / Laura Kimmel / Undakova / Lotte Karlsen / Jasmine Murrell / Jaguar Mary X

28 Sep – 3 Nov 2018


I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT is a group exhibition exploring the interdynamic relationship human beings share with the Earth and Cosmos. In an age when we are only beginning to retrieve the lost mythological archetypes in their fullest expression, where spirituality has become a veritable battleground, I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT is a mantra for total healing expressed through the genital poetry of primal power with and beyond the self.

Before modern religion, ancients throughout the world practiced sacramental nudity and ritual intercourse, ceaselessly applying themselves to the mystery of sexual union. The Hebrew word for knowledge is “daath,” which also means “sexual union.” The word philosopher (first used by Pythagorus – who taught the cosmic egg creation myth and was burned to death) means lover of Sophia, the Great Goddess considered by Pagan philosophers the female counterpart to Jesus in the creation myths of the Gnostic Christians. Sophia is a derivative of Sophik Aabut, the Egyptian Goddess of wisdom and Liberal Arts.

Although Art remains one of the few realms offering a semblance of freedom with respect to authentic sexual expression, the art marketplace necessitates a fetishistic (rather than a holistic) approach to Otherness inhibiting balanced social roles. Given that the Othered body/subject reoccurs again and again as the scintillating locus of Fine Art, and that we’ve yet to establish a healthy paradigm of equality for human beings existing outside of the white male heterosexual norm, I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT takes a transcendental stride toward expressing the primal duality of sacred sexual union at the level of metaphor, metaphysics and art as life. Evident in the earliest creation myths across the globe is the union of the divine masculine and feminine expressed as a spiritual metaphor indicating the nirvana of Oneness.

The works in this show trace back to the centrality of erotic imagery within faith-based societies throughout agrarian pre-history, where visceral icons of a sensual nature were the appetizers to celebratory sexual unions ensuring the fertility of the earth and clan. Works in this show offer a futuristic look at divine bisexuality as absolute power correlating to mythologies of old where male and female divinity was manifest side by side.

This is by no means a show about sex, or simply sacred kink. For many of these artists, conjuring your PRIMAL PARENT comes down to human beings as conscious actors in a matrix of creation which is by nature, sensual, binding, and multidimensional. Many work in sound, and likewise create artworks in whatever medium as a series of energetic ebbs and flows, of union and discord. Relationships, environments and situations frame the basis of their creative objectives, leaving current Art discourse ill equipped to digest their paranormal dimensions. A good gauge (if any) might be the 7 Hermetic Axioms of Ancient Egypt – mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, gender, rhythm, and causation. These works offer tethers connecting an invisible order to the visible order.