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As You Stumble…

Bar Faber / Olli Keränen / Johan Lindström / Maija Luutonen / Tom Porat / Linda Reif / Andreas Waldén / Laura Wesamaa. Performance by Robocof

22 Sept – 17 Oct 2015


When something ends something new will begin. But the end or the beginning is not important here.

What is relevant is what happens in between; the (non)moment of uncertainty, the humorous pause in the dark, the act of stumbling over yourself and turning it into a dance. In this time frame anything can happen.

For this exhibition at KARST, eight artists are brought together in a way that represents a particular state of mind in which expectations unravel and tricks are played. These are artists who, with their art, attitude or way of working (or not working) make us look a second time, and lead us to question our expectations and lazy conclusions. What is it that we see? Something so familiar, but yet different. To look at it is slightly frustrating. Is it a fake? Is it marble or foam? Is it water damaged-paper or paint? Will we ever get to see what is behind the palm leaves?