LIVE PERFORMANCE > DUSTIN ERICKSEN & DAMIAN GRIFFITHS ‘The eye aint heard, the ear aint seen’


A psychedelic musical lecture on the electrodynamic spectrum with apologies to Richard Feynman.

“Working in response to Damian Griffith’s presentation of works in the exhibition Light, observed, Dustin Ericksen will present a public lecture to partially explain the making of some music which will also be going on and there will be photography as well and all those things will be explicitly affecting one another.”

Artist and performer Dustin Ericksen brings Light, observed to a close with his Finissage Event ‘The eye ain’t heard, the ear ain’t seen’. With banjo and synthesiser, Ericksen will create improvisational music. The musical aspect of the performance will be interfered with by two outside elements. First, the photography and light of Damian Griffiths, will trigger changes in the synthesised sound. Simultaneously, Ericksen will attempt to give a didactic explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes the light we see, and other wavelengths, like x-rays and microwaves.

Dustin Ericksen lives and works in London and is an artist, performer, writer and teacher. More information: