UBIQUITUOUS MEH! / NORMAL TEA / FRIEND OF A FRIEND .An experimental music performance – industrial, electronic, DIY and beyond.



KARST and Electric Knife presents BETA, the second in our series of experimental sound concerts. We want to showcase artists who think about music and performance differently – across industrial, electronic, DIY and beyond.

FRIEND OF A FRIEND is the solo project of Alastair D. Smith. Until recently, Smith was playing in Nottingham outfits Society and Blunt Mountains, and had performed with the likes of Mary Ocher and Antoni Maiovvi. He has since relocated back to the South West and has been left to his own devices. FOAF’s music assembles elements of the organic and the artificial – analogue synth drones meet stringed instruments, found sounds, and digital pulses. These sources coalesce to form an end result that feels like the past and the future bleeding into the present.

NORMAL TEA is a succulent cesspit of musical experiences and flavours. Performing in various forms for nearly 30 years. With roots in experimental, blues and psychedelic music. NT works with aggressive beats and squawking analogue synth sounds. A heavy lean of improvisation, within structural boundaries. Bluesy bassy vocals dripping with delay… NT has been described as ‘The Canadian Electronic Captain Beefheart.’

UBIQUITOUS MEH! is an organist based in Plymouth, UK. In 2018 he recorded tracks for Baltimore rapper/producer Height, accompanied experimental film artist Katy Richardson with her Super8 loop that ate itself at the 9th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, and recorded library music for Lo Editions/Universal. 2018 also saw the first public outings for the project, including the self-released debut mini-album of garagey electronica Minimal Wave For My Pals In The Grave and the Christmas tape Season’s Mehtings – the former seeing radio play at WXOX Louisville and the latter earning column inches from Mark Barton (Losing Today and The Sunday Experience) who called it ‘impishly tuneful and ridiculously addictive.’