Image by Dom Moore.

Artists in Schools

This project gave us the opportunity to work with students from Highstreet Primary and Pilgrim Primary, many of whom had previously never visited an art gallery. We ran multiple sessions with KARST studio artist Anna Boland, exploring the BAS9 theme of migration of bodies, peoples, plants, objects, ideas and forms.

The school groups visited KARST and were introduced to works by exhibiting BAS9 artists Hardeep Pandhal, Mandy El-Sayegh, James Bridle, Helen Cammock, and Ghislaine Leung. In response to the exhibition, each student created their own zine featuring drawings and collage. These were later used as the starting point for a series of large-scale collaborative wall pieces on canvas. The students’ creations explore materiality and layering, particularly drawing on the artistic styles of Hardeep Pandhal and Mandy El-Sayegh.

Anna Boland, who led the workshops, said: ‘It’s been great to work with local schools in Plymouth and introduce the students to artists and KARST gallery. Working with the students to experiment and explore their creative potential and giving them an insight into what artists do has been a lot of fun.’